Thursday, September 22, 2011

BBQ Chicken. Honey Lime Slaw. Old Bay Mash Potatoes. Corn.

Mealtime Menu.

I have posted a lot today. I guess I am in the mood for blogging. Some days, not so much. Some days, way too busy. Today I am devoting to blogging. 

I have some bread in the oven, rising. Oh how I LOVE bread. Bread is one thing that takes awhile to post, due to pictures, explanation, etc. But I need to post some bread recipes soon! 

But on to the Menu: *When I make a mealtime menu, if I remember...I take a picture of what I eat for dinner on a particular night, and put it together for you to make a meal for yourself and family. Or whatever the case may be. So, taking the guess work out of what to make for dinner=Mealtime Menu! *You can do your own thing of course. Happy Cooking!

For this Mealtime Menu...

We have:

BBQ Chicken
Honey Lime Coleslaw
Old Bay Mashed Potatoes
Side of Corn

As you can tell from the picture, what I ate the most of on my plate was the Coleslaw. Usually, salad takes up the majority of my plate...but that is just me. 

The BBQ Chicken:

Easy. Either Grill or cook in skillet and brush with your favorite BBQ sauce.

 Honey Lime Coleslaw

Old Bay Mashed Potatoes 


I use frozen corn (like it better than canned). In glass bowl, heat in microwave until hot. Remove and stir in 1 Tb butter and add some Seasoning salt to taste. 

Dinner is served!

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