Friday, June 3, 2011

The Perfect Fried Egg

Who knew that there were tricks to making a perfect egg?

I didn't. Until my mom gave me some pointers about a year ago.

Eggs and Rice...2 things I could never get perfect. Simple, yet so difficult to get it just right.

Now, I am happy to say...I think I've got it!

Fried Egg with Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
On Whole Wheat Toast

My husband makes AMAZING eggs too, I must add. I never understood how his eggs were always so good and I struggled so much when I made eggs. Maybe, I am doing too many things at once.

Oh well, multitasking is in my nature, in my blood, in my every second of the day.

Tricks. I love knowing odd little things that make life fascinating and easier. I soak up facts faster than a sponge to water.

The egg:

*Once you can cook a perfect egg, life is better. And the possibilities are endless.

1st. In skillet, spray with Pam or brush with butter.

2nd. Add egg or eggs. Sprinkle with salt, pepper or any other seasoning you want.

3rd. Turn stove top to medium or just below medium heat.

4th. Cover tightly with lid.

5th. Keep an eye on the egg. When it starts cooking around the edges and slightly starting to bubble...FLIP EGG.

6th. Add sliced cheese (optional). Cover with lid again and turn off heat. Leave the pan on the stove top for about 3-5 minutes longer (depending on how cooked you like it). *Or a key to knowing when it is done...the cheese will be perfectly melted.

It shouldn't be brown. It should be perfectly cooked. *If you want the yolk runny, leave whole when you flip the egg. If you don't like it runny, break the yolk when you put it in the pan.

Serve on toast. Eat plain. How do you like your eggs?


Karmen said...

It's not perfect 'til you add the hot sauce.

Creative Cole said...

I agree! Hot sauce is a MUST.

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