Friday, June 3, 2011

Walter Egg

Walter Egg. Not sure where I got that name, my husband calls it "Walter Eggs"...So it stuck.

Basically, Egg+Bread (in window)=Walter Egg.

Need a fast dinner option? Or better yet, breakfast option? True, I think eggs are eaten more for breakfast than dinner. But none the less...Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. It works.

For more tips on frying an egg, check out...The Perfect Fried Egg.

I didn't always like cooking eggs. But now I do. They are rather tasty.
The Walter Egg:

*You need Butter, Bread, Eggs, Cheese and Seasonings (of your choice, I like hot sauce on mine).

1st. Butter one side of a slice of toast.

2nd. Cut a small square in the bottom of the slice of bread. Save that piece that you cut out and stick it back in the bottom of slice of bread to create "a window".

3rd. Place butter side of bread down on a heated skillet about medium heat.

4th. Crack egg over the "window" (and season your egg now). Some of the egg will drip out and around the slice of bread. That is fact I recommend that the egg is spread around the non-buttered side of the bread as much as possible. *But eyeball the egg as you crack it...try to get the yolk in the "window". AND if you don't want the yolk runny, break and spread the egg and yolk around the slice of bread as much as possible, yet still keeping most the egg in the window. But if you like it runny, don't break the yolk and you don't need to cook the egg as long....

5th. When the egg starts to cook and bubble slightly, FLIP the bread with egg. Keep an eye on it, cook as long as you like or flip a couple of times.

6th. Put sliced cheese over the butter side of bread. Let melt.

WA-LA...Walter Egg!

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