Monday, September 12, 2011

Brown Rice Waffles

And this is why I want a double flip waffle make more of THESE...

I was telling a friend about these waffles and how I put brown rice in them. She said, "why put rice in?" I said, "Why not?" 1. The waffles taste AMAZING. 2. More nutrition and fiber, giving you a great start to the day. 3. Adding variations to your waffles and pancakes give it more attitude and personality. 4. You can't even taste the brown rice. So, why not? Really, I mean, if you make these and serve them to your family or friends and later tell them what is in them...they will never know and they will say, "You put what in the waffles? No way." 

Try them for yourself and you will see. But for sure this is another recipe you can add too your rice collection. 

Oh and add blueberries in them...DIVINE!

It was so fun to take pictures of these waffles. They look as good as they taste. No joke. 

I love how fiber and food that is healthy for you...Fills you up. Satisfying. Gives you strength and energy. Great start to ANY day. If you know me, you know that 1. Fiber is my friend. 2. Just because it is healthy doesn't mean that it tastes bad, if fact usually tastes better and you feel better. 3. I eat most my fat, calories (and a lot of fiber) in the morning and don't eat past 7pm. It works for me and is good for me. 

I think that we as a society should eat healthy. There are so many things that could go wrong with our body in an instant. If you take care of your body...your body will take care of you. 

Ok, enough preaching ;) On to the food...


1-2 cups buttermilk (Usually, the flour to milk ratio is 1 to 1. So keep that in mind.)
1/4 cup butter, melted
4 eggs

2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup Agave (it is a wholesome sweetener that is low glycemic and absorbes in your body better than normal sugar.) Or you can use brown sugar if you don't want Agave.
2 cups wheat flour
Generous pinch of salt
1 cup uncooked brown rice 
2-3 Tb baking powder

First cook your brown rice. I used the Minute Brown Rice because I didn't want to wait long for it to cook, but you can use either. Just make sure it is cooked before you add it to your batter.

Combine all your wet ingredients in bowl. Milk, butter, eggs, agave, and add your cinnamon. Mix.

Add your flour and salt. Mix with electric mixer.

Add your cooked rice. Mix. 

Add baking powder last. Mix. The batter will get fluffy and thicker as it sits. 

Scoop batter onto waffle iron...not too much. And make sure you spray your waffle iron each time with butter, Pam or whatever you like, that way it won't stick. Also, *make sure your waffle iron is hot and ready to go. Don't pour your batter into a waffle iron that is cold.

*Now, if your waffle separates, like this....

YOU NEED TO ADD MORE FLOUR. Your batter is too wet and needs some more flour. Add about 1/4 cup or less of flour until your waffle comes out perfect. *If it worries, it still tastes good, so EAT IT! Just make your adjustments and add some more flour and continue. 

Finish cooking the rest of your batter. If you have a double flip waffle iron, I am jealous and you will finish cooking your waffles faster. 

Blueberry waffles:

Do the same, except, when you add your batter to the waffle iron, add about 5-6 fresh blueberries and finish cooking. Please make sure you grease your waffle iron, with the blueberries, it tends to stick easier if it is not greased. 

Enjoy and eat lots. Serve with 100% Pure maple syrup (it is the best) or powdered sugar with fresh strawberries or whatever you like!

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