Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Visit to the Eastern Shore

Now, the reason I was M.I.A. Missing in Action with Blogging is because I spent the last 3 weeks in Maryland.

So let me tell you about my 3 weeks. First. Food.

A few things I made while I was there...

The pie was a HUGE hit!

And that is not all the food I made or partook of. My taste buds were loving all the seafood. I had Stone Crab for the first time (wonderful), Tuna, Sushi and more! This is a food blog, thus I need to share all my tasteful delights! Recipes to come.

Second. I did do other things beside eat. Play (the reason for not being able to get to a computer). The beach was FANTASTIC! Lots of family time (yes those are glow sticks in my was the 4th of July and I was Lady Liberty). Family is why I was there.

A few things I did...

A few other random things:

*I learned that blue crabs are traditionally steamed with beer, vinegar and water.
*My new favorite cheese is Smoked Gouda.
*I do not miss the bugs that bite or the humidity.
*There is nothing as good as sleeping in your own bed.
*I found a Hermit Crab as I was jumping through the waves in the Ocean...bent over to pick something up and sure enough~A Hermit Crab! Luckily it didn't pinch my foot!
*I was adopted by one of my mom's friends.
*My Dad still likes Ice Cream as much as he always has.
*I don't like showering in "soft water".
*Thrashers Fries are still good.
*Surfing in Ocean City is hit or miss.
*I have a wonderful family and friends. Laughing is a must.
*Saltwater is not a good drink.
*There is still a part of me that will always remain and be a part of "home" for me in Maryland.


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