Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner

So here is what I ate for Mother's Day Dinner...

Blackened Salmon, Baked Tomato-Onion-Mozzarella Casserole, Salt and Vinegar Potato and Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms and Asparagus, Corn on the Cob, and Cinnamon Orange-Poppy Scones. *Recipes: Coming Soon!

And for Dessert...Chocolate Puff with Strawberries.

So, let me tell you...

1st. Hope all the Mother's had a Happy Mother's Day. Being a mother is rewarding, draining, fulfilling, challenging (obviously up and down and sideways at times) ...HOWEVER...all together worth it! Worth every minute! 

2nd. I did make dinner. My husband made breakfast (with the kids help). It was amazing! He makes perfect eggs, that is what I wanted. And cinnamon raisin toast, plus a few pancakes. I eat a HUGE breakfast. Almost every day it is HUGE.

3rd. Why did I make dinner for myself and family? Well, I wanted to cook. It is what I love to do. And we had guests! Well, family. My wonderful sister in law came over for dinner with her kids (her hubby was out of town). I wanted to make something nice. It was fun to chat with her while I cooked. I was entertaining, it is fun to make people laugh. If you take a look at "Meet Nicole"'ll see, there is never a dull moment! Fun times. Plus, my wonderful husband watched all the kids, including hers. Great opportunity to prop up our feet.

4th. I used paper products and disposable foil pans to cook in. Why? Because, less dishes I had to clean. Cooking: YES. Dishes: ICK. Have my husband do the dishes? Well, he would gladly. However, those who know me...know that the kitchen sink is one of my biggest  OCD's. That is why I referred to it as ICK. I don't let anyone wash my dishes for me.

5th. I stuffed my face. I had to get seconds, and my first helping was chuck full of food. I enjoyed my dinner! I would definitely make everything again! And I have to pat myself on the back....I love to create. Some of the recipes, I came up entirely on my own. For example, the blackened salmon. Wasn't sure how that would taste, but OH was DELISH!!!!

Blackened Salmon Spices
6th. AHHHHH (this is me screaming with joy) because I got new granite counters for Mother's Day. Oh I feel so spoiled! And what a joy it was to cook on them!

I can't wait to post these recipes, so you can try them too.

Just a side note: My husbands favorite was the Tomato-Onion Casserole. My sister in-law's favorite was the potatoes (she is a big potato fan). The kids favorite was the scones and the dessert (of course). And for me...well, I can't choose a favorite because it was all good. ALL GOOD. But if I had to choose...dang, I can't. It was really ALL GOOD! 


Heather said...

Looks delicious. Can't wait for recipes. And the granite looks GORGEOUS!

KellyAnne said...

Baked Tomato-Onion-Mozzarella Casserole?!? Sounds divine! Can't wait for the recipe!

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