Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sprouting: How To

Did you know that when you spout you can get up to 600% more nutrition and vitamins? And sprouting makes releases enzymes, which makes them easier to absorb in your body and digest.

To look at some of the benefits of sprouting: Kitchen StewardshipHealthy EatingSprouts as Medicine and Real Raw Food.

I get all my health food and good quality, good priced items at Kitchen Kneads. They have amazing products, wonderful service and a large variety of items. Great for food storage or everyday cooking/baking. Also, Free classes are taught every month at their store! Their website is in the making, which I will post as soon as I get it (and you will be able to order online! Yay!) Kitchen Kneads is located on 7579 Redwood Rd, West Jordan. *More pictures from Kitchen Kneads at end of post. 

Sprouting is easy, little effort that produce great results and nutrition. You can put your sprouts in smoothies, sandwiches, salads, etc. Anyone can do it! Let me so you step by step how...

First, I used 2 different mixes for my sprouting. I used a Vita-Mix and an Alfalfa-Mix (both of which I bought at Kitchen Kneads). Kitchen Kneads has a whole section of different beans, nuts, seeds that you can sprout. Also, the container trays to sprout with (as you will see in picture).

1. Soak your beans or seeds in clean water overnight in medium size bowl or for at least 8 hours. Imagine they are taking a LONG swim.

2. Drain. When I drain, I dump my seeds right into my sprouting tray and rinse. 

3. Rinse well. Just run clean water over the bean/seeds. Drain. 

4. Let sit on counter, uncovered. Make sure you keep a lid on the bottom of your tray, so water doesn't leak out everywhere on your counter.

5. Repeat rinsing morning and night. Do this until desired length is reached and eat. 

*To stop growing process and to keep fresh, cover and put in refrigerator. In the pictures below: Left-Vita-Mix (different beans/legumes) Right: Alfalfa-Mix. The Vita-Mix can be refrigerated 1-2 days after sprouting. The Alfalfa, I like longer and green, so I let those sprout for about a week. Also, the "Green" gives added nutrition. Yay!

Kitchen Kneads:

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The first Kitchen Kneads is located in Ogden, Utah and They do have a website it is and they sell everything there that the west jordan store does, Just more!

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